Vitamin Infusions

in Alternative Health, Natural Alternatives 13th July 2019

Most of the time our bodies do not absorb the correct amount of these nutrients and vitamins, either because we don’t eat the correct foods or we have natural deficiencies. Over the last 40 years infusions have been designed to deliver the optimum balance of these nutrients and vitamins directly to your body, bypassing your gastrointestinal system. The key benefit to intravenous administration over using supplements or creams is that your body can only absorb from 0-10% of pills or creams. With intravenous infusions, absorption is 100%.

Since gaining her degree in nursing, Fiona has worked in Acute Medicine, spending two years working in acute surgery at King’s College London, then as a practice nurse at The London General Practice. This excellent experience provoked an awareness on the concept of cause and effect, as well as the impact of the environment and nutritional factors on health, leading her to an environment that offers high quality preventative services.