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What is Homeopathy?

by 13th July 2019


Homeopathy is a therapeutic method developed by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician (1775-1843), which clinically applies the phenomenon of similarity and uses medicinal substances from vegetable, animal, mineral or chemical origin in weak or infinitesimal doses. In order for this definition to be understood it is necessary to explain what the phenomenon of similarity is.

 The phenomenon of similarity:

It is the parallelism (similarity) of action between the toxicological properties of a substance and its therapeutic potential, for example the cantharis (from a beetle??) poison causes cystitis or hematuria (blood in urine):  the same cantharis is used in small doses to treat urinary tract infections.

If a bee stings a healthy person, suddenly a red itchy burning swollen area appears where they were stung. Instinctively the person who has been stung uses a cold application to try to relieve the pain. If we have a patient who has an eruption of a swollen burning rash with shooting pain and burning that improves with cold applications but by different causes (sun burn or hives  originating from food) and we give bee venom (Apis mollifica) in infinitesimal doses, the symptoms improve and disappear.

The homeopathic diagnosis is not only based on the illness, but also on the combination of changes in the way the patient feels or acts due to his illness.

Homeopathy is a therapeutic method that involves giving the sick individual, in small or infinitesimal doses, the substance that administered to a healthy individual, causes symptoms similar to those of the sick person.

What are modalities in homeopathy?

Most illness or diseases get better or worse for different reasons. These factors can be anything such as climate, a specific posture, a particular condition or situation, specific time of day, food etc. These influencing factors are known as Modalities. For one person a backache might be worse in the morning, for another person it is more painful while at rest, and yet another person may feel more pain while moving around. For some people with Asthma their condition is worse in the rainy season and for others in the dry season. These are just two examples, but other ailments have their own modalities. In many healing systems modalities aren´t given much attention, they are sometimes considered psychological and ignored. In Homeopathy these modalities play a very important role.  When choosing the best homeopathic medicine, creating the treatment plan and advising diet changes, such modalities are always given due importance. A true homeopath will never ignore these modalities because doing so would hinder the healing process. When you begin your homeopathic treatment, be sure to always mention how you feel. Tell your homeopath what makes your problem better or worse.  If you’re unsure if a modality is relevant, tell your homeopath and let him decide.  In some cases the modalities alone may dictate the medicine choice.

Vitamin Infusions

by 13th July 2019

Most of the time our bodies do not absorb the correct amount of these nutrients and vitamins, either because we don’t eat the correct foods or we have natural deficiencies. Over the last 40 years infusions have been designed to deliver the optimum balance of these nutrients and vitamins directly to your body, bypassing your gastrointestinal system. The key benefit to intravenous administration over using supplements or creams is that your body can only absorb from 0-10% of pills or creams. With intravenous infusions, absorption is 100%.

Since gaining her degree in nursing, Fiona has worked in Acute Medicine, spending two years working in acute surgery at King’s College London, then as a practice nurse at The London General Practice. This excellent experience provoked an awareness on the concept of cause and effect, as well as the impact of the environment and nutritional factors on health, leading her to an environment that offers high quality preventative services.


Natural Hormone therapy

by 13th July 2019

Bio-identical hormones are identical at a molecular level to the natural hormones within your body. Once you become menopausal, your hormones naturally decrease. These hormones normally help you sleep, remain mentally alert, emotionally stable and physically strong. Hair thins, libido can decrease and skin loses its youthfulness when your hormones change.

  Bio-identical hormones can help women through the life stage transition of menopause by reducing symptoms and aiding the anti-ageing process.


by 13th July 2019

Firstly, acupuncture should be enjoyed by everyone, no matter how well we are today. Good quality body work, where the external body is relieved of its stresses and strains, where the blood circulation is invigorated and all the layers of body tissues are harmonized, is an excellent way of looking after ourselves and stops minor impediments from developing into more deeply entrenched disease. Practitioners combine their individual talents for working with the human body with their long and in depth training in Classical Chinese principles for moving the individual towards balance.

Secondly, acupuncture can be used to treat identifiable and troubling disease, by removing more deeply-set impediments to health. This is where a more structured plan for treatment is necessary and, at Grace Medical, treatment is located within the integrated team of medical professionals led by Dr Tim Evans.

What happens in a typical acupuncture treatment?

In the first acupuncture treatment a practitioner will take a full medical case history including past health background and details about the current condition. Once the patient is settled on the treatment couch, a practitioner will carry out pulse taking on each wrist and look at a patient’s tongue.

The practitioner will then make a diagnosis and put together a treatment plan, which may include lifestyle and dietary advice as well as acupuncture.

What does it feel like?

During a typical treatment acupuncture practitioners use very fine single-use disposable needles, the needles are as fine as a human hair and nothing like those used for an injection or to take blood.

Most people find acupuncture to be very relaxing. My patients often describe the needle sensation as a tingling or dull ache.  Some say they don’t feel a thing and many fall asleep during their treatment.

Does it hurt?

Acupuncture really does not hurt. If you are frightened of needles talk to a practitioner. There are other options such as acupressure and tuina, which is a type of massage.


by 13th July 2019

Ayurvedic medicine is the oldest surviving medicine system in the world. Its philosophy lies in the delicate balance between mind, body and spirit, without which we cannot be in true health.The five elements of Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth, present in everything and everyone, are grouped in Ayurveda into three functional principles, or Doshas  – Vata,  Pitta and Kapha. These need to be kept in balance for us to remain healthy. Sonja conducts detailed consultations and diagnostic tests to establish her clients’ constitution type and decide where any imbalance lies. She then creates individually tailored programmes of nutrition and lifestyle adjustments for clients to follow in order to regain and maintain holistic equilibrium.

Ayurvedic diagnosis helps to treat any diseased state and is highly suited to many modern day imbalances such as digestive or skin issues, diabetes, obesity, fatigue and stress.Sonja places great emphasis on health of the mind, and helps people to learn how to reduce and manage stress and keep the mind clear in order to make sensible nutrition and lifestyle choices. Ayurveda teaches us the importance of taking responsibility of our own health.

What can be treated with homeopathy?

by 6th July 2019

Anything and everything! It can be especially effective in situations where there hasn’t been any formal diagnosis or cure.

Frequent colds  –Low immune system –Asthma, Bronchitis  -Gastritis  -Peptic Ulcers  -Kidney/ Liver dysfunction  -Thyroid disorders  -Circulatory disorders  -Irritable bowl syndrome Ulcerative Colitis  -High blood pressure  -Crohns disease  -Anemia
Migraine /Headaches  -Palpitations  -Fissure  -Fistula  -Gall Stones Hepatitis  -Aids  -Medicinal side effects

Mental/ Emotional
Anxiety  –Panic attacks  –Depression and postpartum  –Insomnia  –Eating disorders  Grief and stress  –Fear of flying  -Alzheimer´s Disease  -Other restricting fears

Muscular, Skeletal and Neurological
Arthritis (Rheumatism)  –Cervical Spondylosis  –Osteoarthritis  Fibromyalgia  –Aches, pains, and stiffness  -Back pain  -Sprains  -Sports injuries  -Gout  -Bells palsy  -Neuralgia  -Sciatica  -Strokes  -Carpel tunnel syndrome  -Multiple sclerosis  -Myasthenia gravis

Atopic Dermatitis  –Acne  -Eczema  -Urticaria  –Psoriasis Cellulitis  –Herpes  –Lichen Planus  -Vitiligo  -Prickly heat  -Hair loss  -Alopecia Areata  -Cold sores

Womens Conditions
Lack of or low sex drive  –PMS  -Irregular periods  -Amenorrhea
Menopause  –Cystitis  -Thrush  -Vaginal dicharges  -Endometriosis
Infertility  -Pelvic inflammatory disorders  -Fibroids  -Poly-cystic Ovarian Disease

Mens Conditions
Impotence  -Premature ejaculation  -Low sperm count  -Prostatitis

With homeopathy one is able to:
Reduce food anxieties  -Increase metabolism  -Reduce sugar cravings
Help feel full/satisfied  –  -Help burn fat (lipolysis)  -Reduce the fat absorption  -Curb your appetite  – produce a cleansing effect.
(With Homeopathy one is able to achieve great results but loosing weight depends on habits, behaviors and each persons body type.)

Quit Smoking
Isotherapy, which is based on homeopathic medicines that contain a very low diluted amount of the same substance that you want to combat (nicotine or tobacco). In depth medicines personalized according to the profile of each patient allow them to . It is  quite an effective method and the advantage is that quitting smoking doesn’t prove to be as difficult.

Colic  -Frustrated Children  -trouble sleeping  -baby constipation  prevent vaccines side effects  -unable to concentrate  -unable to adapt  -shyness  -ADHD/Hyperactivity  – poor school performance  -sickly children

Ear, Nose and Throat
Allergies  -Vertigo  -Hay fever  -Tinnitus  -Otitis  -Laryngititis
Rhinitis  -Sinusitis  -Tonsillitis

Cancer prevention  -Regulate the growth of cancers
Stop the spread of cancer  –Stop the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation


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