What can Homeopathy treat?

Anything and everything! It can be especially effective in situations where there hasn’t been any formal diagnosis or cure. 

 Frequent colds  –Low immune system –Asthma, Bronchitis  -Gastritis  -Peptic Ulcers  -Kidney/ Liver dysfunction
Thyroid disorders  -Circulatory disorders  -Irritable bowl syndrome Ulcerative Colitis  -High blood pressure  -Crohns disease  -Anemia
Migraine /Headaches  -Palpitations  -Fissure  -Fistula  -Gall Stones Hepatitis  -Aids  -Medicinal side effects

Mental/ Emotional
Anxiety  –Panic attacks  –Depression and postpartum 
Insomnia  –Eating disorders  Grief and stress  Fear of flying Alzheimer´s Disease  -Other restricting fears

Muscular, Skeletal and Neurological
Arthritis (Rheumatism)  –Cervical Spondylosis  –Osteoarthritis  Fibromyalgia  –Aches, pains, and stiffness  -Back pain  -Sprains
Sports injuries  -Gout  -Bells palsy  -Neuralgia  -Sciatica  -Strokes 
Carpel tunnel syndrome  -Multiple sclerosis  -Myasthenia gravis

Atopic Dermatitis  –Acne  -Eczema  -Urticaria  –Psoriasis Cellulitis  –Herpes  –Lichen Planus  -Vitiligo  -Prickly heat  -Hair loss  -Alopecia Areata  -Cold sores

Womens Conditions
Lack of or low sex drive  –PMS  -Irregular periods  -Amenorrhea
Menopause  –Cystitis  -Thrush  -Vaginal dicharges  -Endometriosis
Infertility  -Pelvic inflammatory disorders  -Fibroids 
-Poly-cystic Ovarian Disease

Mens Conditions
Impotence  -Premature ejaculation  -Low sperm count  -Prostatitis

With homeopathy one is able to:
Reduce food anxieties  -Increase metabolism  -Reduce sugar cravings  -Help feel full/satisfied  –  -Help burn fat (lipolysis)  -Reduce the fat absorption  -Curb your appetite  – produce a cleansing effect.
(With Homeopathy one is able to achieve great results but loosing weight depends on habits, behaviors and each persons body type.)

Quit Smoking
Isotherapy, which is based on homeopathic medicines that contain a very low diluted amount of the same substance that you want to combat (nicotine or tobacco). In depth medicines personalized according to the profile of each patient allow them to <find their own balance>. It is  quite an effective method and the advantage is that quitting smoking doesn’t prove to be as difficult. 

Colic  -Frustrated Children  -trouble sleeping  -baby constipation  prevent vaccines side effects  -unable to concentrate  -unable to adapt  -shyness  -ADHD/Hyperactivity  – poor school performance  -sickly children

Ear, Nose and Throat 
Allergies  -Vertigo  -Hay fever  -Tinnitus  -Otitis  -Laryngititis
Rhinitis  -Sinusitis  -Tonsillitis 

Cancer prevention  –Regulate the growth of cancers
Stop the spread of cancer  –Stop the side effects of chemotherapy and radiat
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